How to Make Money Online ? 100% Working!!!

Hello friends, In this tutorial we discuss about how we make money through online. With a computer or Smartphone and an active internet connection, you can make dollars everyday by spending only few hours. We’re gonna discuss the myths on making money in online.


We all search in google for “How to make money online”, Google gives you millions of results. Also, most of those results will be fake and it will spoil your money and time.



Before starting an online job you should study about that job completely. Some online jobs that you will be commonly aware of are listed below:

  • Data Entry
  • Captcha Entry
  • Survey
  • Click on ads

These are some of results you may get if you search in google. You may get lot of sites with results like these. Here, I am introducing some sites and ideas to make money online that is 100% working. These all sites or ideas are checked by myself and I am already earning 10k in a month. If you have passion and patience, then you can earn a lot from home itself. I am briefly discussing some sites here, For more queries, Contact me.

Make Money Online :-
#1. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is the best way to make money online. If you have any talent like sing,write,draw or any computer software knowledge then you can become a freelancer. There are many sites that hires freelancers. Here are some sites..

#A. Fiverr is a best freelancing site. Here you can create your gig with whats you know. You can make a first earning of 5$ from here.If some one wants your help then they contact you and they give money for that work.

fiverrfiverr login page

#B. Freelancer is an another site to do freelance jobs. freelancer is a website like fiverr . Here also we have a profile with what we know and if some one want your help then they will contact you and give money for that work.

freelancerfreelancer home page

#C. UpWork is another site to do freelancer jobs.

upworkupwork home page

#D. Etsy is another site. Here you can sell your products like Gifts, cards etc.. By signup in you can display your gift products and you can sell it.


 #2. Affiliate Programs

Another way to make money online is affiliate program. We all may have done shopping through flipkart, amazon, paytm etc . These all sites provide affiliate programs. In affiliate program first you need to register in any of those site. after the successful registration they will provide a Unique URL. You can share that URL with your friends through social media or your site or blog. You get commission for who make shopping through that link. In a previous article we already discussed  about  affiliate programs. Click here to go to article to get more details.

flipCommission percentage in Flip-kart affiliate

 #3. AdSence

#A. Site or Blog

Another best way to make money through internet is Google AdSense. If you have a blog or website then you can earn money by writing articles or anything in your blog. Google AdSense is the media to make money through your blog. First you need to register for AdSense by using a google account. After successful registration they (Google) will investigate  your site  and will verify your site.


adsensGoogle AdSense home page

Carefully make your Site and AdSense account. Google AdSence have many rules to approve AdSense account. First you carefully study about Google AdSense. Click here to Know the rules to get approve from google.

#B. YouTube

You can also earn money from Google AdSense by YouTube channel. The same google AdSense account can be used for YouTube. If you have a video in your channel then you can request advertisement for your video in Adsense. If Google approves your video then you will get ad for your video, and you will get earnings from YouTube by views on your video or click on your ad.  By increasing view of your channel you get money. There are different types of ads in YouTube by selecting correct typem you can earn more.

 #4. AdMob

If you have great knowledge in app making or game making with android or any other platform, then you can make money from google admob. If you have already created an app or game, then you can insert ads in your app by admob. By that you can make money. By the increase of viewers, You will be earning more.

 NB: The above sites and techniques are all checked by myself and all will work for sure. There are many other freelancing sites and many sites that help you to make money from online. Before going to invest or do job, make sure you had a detail study about the site else it will spoil time and money. And remember one thing Passion and Patience is important in doing online work.
 Thanks for reading this article, If you have any queries then you can mail me at  ( or you can post comments below and also if you have any more idea to make money through online then comment below. And do not forget to Share this article to your friends and family. 


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