How to Upload High Quality (HD) Videos in WhatsApp Status


We all know that WhatsApp status is one of the best media to share our creative thoughts. The quality of the photo or video is one of the main components of WhatsApp status. But we all know that WhatsApp compress all video and photo when it was uploaded to WhatsApp. So, today we come up with a tip that while helping you to upload HD quality videos in WhatsApp status in other words by using this trick you can upload Whatsapp videos without losing its quality. Follow the below steps to Upload HD video in WhatsApp

How to Upload Whatsapp Status video Without Losing Its Quality

In this trick there is no there party application or software is involved, This trick is done by using WhatsApp web. ie, In Whatsapp Web (Whatsapp Web is a platform that will help us to use WhatsApp in desktop pc.) there is no video compression. That means when you upload your video through WhatsApp web, then the video will upload without compression. So you can use this trick to upload WhatsApp status video.

Follow the below steps
1. First, you need to login to WhatsApp Web (Click Here to log in) – In Desktop Only

If you want to use WhatsApp Web in Mobile Phone you can use Desktop Site Option in Google Chrome

2. Scan the QR Code and log in to Whatsapp Web
3. Now Select One of your friend accounts to attach your video

4. After sending the video open WhatsApp in your phone and select your friend’s account
5. Now click on the forward button and select my status and upload

(Important: Don’t select the video from the gallery – Only upload the video using the Forward Button)


Now your video was uploaded to Whatsapp Status Without Losing its Quality

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