100+ Keyboard shortcuts !!!! [You must know it]


Ctrl C copy alt ED delete all cell/column
Ctrl V paste Alt F4 close all open docs
Ctrl X cut ALT  any number insert symbol (smiley) ☺☻♥
Ctrl Y redo ALT + = AutoSum
Ctrl Z undo Alt 164/165 ñ/Ñ
Ctrl B bold Alt D FF Filter/remove filter
Ctrl I Italic Alt arrow down to show filtered item
Ctrl S Italic Alt A Q / Alt D F A Advance Filter
Ctrl U underline Alt D P (next) enter to insert Pivot Table
Ctrl F Find Alt D S sort
Ctrl H replace ALT EL Delete the current sheet
CTRL K Insert a hyperlink. ALT EM Move or copy the current sheet
CTRL P Print ALT OHR Rename the current sheet
CTRL O Open file box Alt T PP to lock or unlock sheet
Ctrl W close current window (docs) Alt W FF Freeze panes/unfreeze
Ctrl N open new blank excel sheet
Alt H B A
to insert Border line
Ctrl Alt Arrow rotate active window Alt H F S change font size
Ctrl D copy upper cell Alt F11 to insert Visual basic
Ctrl End go to end of the sheet Alt F File  tab
CTRL F10 Maximize or restore the selected workbook window. Alt H Home tab
CTRL F9 Minimize a workbook window to an icon. Alt N Insert tab
Ctrl Home go to upper part of the sheet Alt P Page Lay out tab
Ctrl arrow down move until to tha last down cell Alt M Formulas tab
Ctrl arrow right move until to tha last right cell Alt A Data tab
CTRL SHIFT N create new folder Alt D EE Text to Column
CTRL ; Enter the date. Alt W M Macro
CTRL SHIFT ; Enter the time. Alt A M Remove Duplicates
Ctrl  A highlight all Sheet Altl tab switch window to another
Ctrl Alt delete log off computer Alt R W to share workbook (multiple user at a time)
Ctrl space bar highlight column Alt W Q Zoom
Shift Space bar highlight row right command right click (mouse) format cells
Ctrl spacebar right com(mouse) D delete all column Shift delete delete permanently (also to recycle bin)
ctrl page up/page down
to move bet. sheet SHIFT F11 Insert a new worksheet.
=upper(txt) UPPER CASE SHIFT F3 display the Insert Function dialog box.
=Proper(txt) Proper Case (highlight) alt IC insert column
=lower(txt) lower case (highlight) alt IR insert cells
F12 Save AS
F2 edit CELL/rename
F7 Display the Spelling dialog box.
window  down arrow minimize window
window   L lock the computer
window D show desktop (minimize all open docs)
window E go to MY COMPUTER

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