Best Zoom Alternative – Google Meet Now Free For Every One

We all know about Zoom Application. Zoom Meeting is a video-conferencing application that will allow users to video call with 100 participants and also users can conduct online classes and webinars. So today we come up with Zoom alternative application from Google. Google Meet is the best video-conferencing application. Due to the coronavirus lockdown Now Google Meet is free for everyone. 

Google Meet Main Features

  • High-Quality video with audio
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Caption / Subtitles for video calling
  • Expanded tiled video view
  • Screen Sharing
  • No software or application needed in Desktop

How to Use Google Meet For Free

  • Go to (Download Google Meet application in Mobile Phones – Android and iOS application is available)
  • Click Start new meeting, or enter your meeting code. 
  • Choose the Google account.
  • Click Join Meeting.
  • Then you can add up to 100 participants


Watch Google Meet video By Raees Kappoor


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