How to delete or recall WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes


WhatsApp Message Recalling is the new feature introduced by WhatsApp Messenger. By using this feature a WhatsApp user can recall a message that has been sent by mistake. The message recalling is only possible about seven minutes back. So in this article, we discuss How to Delete or Recall WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes.

There are two methods for deleting WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes.

#1. First method

1. First, you need to switch on the aeroplane mode.
2. Now close the WhatsApp and go to Date & Time Settings and make the date one before the day.
3. Then open WhatsApp, select the message,choose Delete then click on Delete for everyone.
4. Now switch off the aeroplane mode.

Now your message is recalled.

5. Now you can change date and time.

#2. Second Method

The second method is simple, to Recall WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes you can use the GBWhaatsapp. GBWhatsapp is the moded version of WhatsApp (Click here to know more about GBWhatsapp). In GBWhatsapp there is no time restriction for recalling messages.

Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp.

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