How To Get Chat Heads For Whatsapp

Hello Friends, Here I come with a new application that helps us to make chat heads for WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail or any other android application. By this application, you can chat in WhatsApp like Facebook Messenger chat heads. Follow the below steps to get Whatsapp Chat Head.


1.Download Notfly Application

Click Here to download the application

2. Allow System Overlay and Notification Access


3. Click on Try Button and You can see a sample chat head then click DONE.


4. Then select the application that wants to show chat head notification.


Now you will get Whatsapp, Telegram, Gmail Notifications in Chat Head.

Supported Apps
• WhatsApp
• Telegram
• Gmail
• Line
• Skype
• VK
• Tango
• KakaoTalk
• Twitter
• GroupMe
• Threema
• textPlus
• Textra
• Yaata
• ChompSMS
• Facebook Messenger
• Inbox
• Slack

Download The Application



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