Best 8 methods to extend battery life!!


Hi friends, In this article we discuss about some methods to extend battery Life.

1. First turn off Bluetooth,GPS(Settings>Location>switch off >Battery saving), Stop Syncing(Google,Facebook, etc). Bluetooth,GPS,Syncing will reduce battery charge.

2. Close all the Background apps.


3.Use Automatic Screen brightness

4. Reduce or off the Keyboard Sounds and vibration(Settings>Language & Input>Samsung Keyboard   or another keyboard like google keyboard >Preferences>unselect Sounds on Keypress)

5.Reduce your phons’s ringing volume not use vibrate mode.

6.Use Power Banks.

7.Don’t use multiple email accounts. Smartphones have a technique push. That automatically update emails. Which will reduce phones battery charge. So avoid multiple email accounts. Or change the email settings.

8.Use Ad-blockers. Add’s will reduce battery and also your data.



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