Best 8 methods to extend battery life!!


Hi friends, In this article, we discuss some methods to extend battery life.

1. First turn off Bluetooth, GPS(Settings>Location>switch off >Battery saving), Stop Syncing(Google, Facebook, etc). Bluetooth, GPS, Syncing will reduce battery charge.

2. Close all the background apps.

3. Use Automatic Screen brightness

4. Reduce or off the Keyboard Sounds and vibration(Settings>Language & Input>Samsung Keyboard   or another keyboard like google keyboard >Preferences>unselect Sounds on Keypress)

5. Reduce your phone’s ringing volume not use vibrate mode.

6. Use Power Banks.

7. Don’t use multiple email accounts. Smartphones have a technique push. That automatically update emails. Which will reduce phones battery charge? So avoid multiple email accounts. Or change the email settings.

8. Use Ad-blockers. Add’s will reduce battery and also your data.



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