This Wallpaper May Brick Your Android Phone

This is a screenshot of the image in question. We didn’t embed the original just to play it safe.

A wallpaper can brick your android phone? Yes, it is possible. The Wallpaper shown above will brick your phone. The information is provided by one of the main twitter account Ice Universe. The image primarily affects Samsung phones. 


Several Twitter and Reddit accounts say that this is done by the RGB colour combo in that image. Android 11 has not affected by this image, Because Android 11 will automatically convert RGB to sRGB.So Android version below 11 will affect this bug.

If someone’s phone will soft brick then they can recover their phone by resetting device from the bootloader (All the user data will lose).

We do not recommend to try this on your Phone (We are not responsible for any damages to your phone).


Watch the video By Raees Kappoor

Some of the videos are quoted below,


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